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Our in-house capabilities include a 32-station call center, equipped with Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) to ensure quality control over all facets of data collection. Our team of experienced surveyors and analysts get your project started—and delivered—on time and within budget.

What we do

Telephone surveys

All telephone surveys are conducted from the firm’s 32-station call centre located at 124 Street & 107 Avenue. The CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system ensures quality control over all facets of data collection. Banister Research employs an excellent team of experienced surveyors, survey supervisors and data analysts that allows quick project initiation and delivery of survey results on time and within budget.

Intercept & in-person surveys

Intercept surveys are most often used to gain a quick and basic overview of the subject of interest. Banister Research has conducted numerous onsite studies at a variety of venues including large-scale community events, public facilities, tourist attractions, and retail outlets. Intercept surveys can also be used to collect contact information for lengthier, in-depth follow up surveys or interviews via web or telephone.

Our strengths and expertise enable our team to manage consulting projects of all sizes, scope, and complexity.
What we do

Web surveys

With ever increasing internet usage, web surveys are often an excellent forum for capturing respondents’ thoughts and opinions at their own convenience. The advantages of web surveys include faster speed of response, substantially reduced data collection costs, and increased respondent flexibility. Banister Research has the on-site capabilities to program and host web surveys to meet a diverse range of client needs.

Mystery shopper surveys

Mystery shopper surveys provide objective, direct information on the performance of front-line customer service operations, they are field research staff that take on the role of a legitimate customer or patron, either by phone or in-person. They complete inquiries, purchases, or simple observation and report back on their customer experience via standardized checklists and report forms. This type of research can be useful for any business where customer contact and service is integral to the success of the operation.

Focus groups

Banister Research conducts focus groups to support qualitative assessment in a variety of areas.

Focus group findings can also be used to support or validate the results from previous, qualitative research such as phone or web surveys. Banister Research has trained, experienced facilitators with hundreds of hours of experience moderating focus groups.

  • Brand testing and awareness
  • Pricing
  • Promotional strategy
  • Consumer behaviour

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